We are an integrated, full stack solution provider focusing on Magento 2, CRM, and Mobile App development. We believe in partnerships, transparency, communication, and innovation.

Customer satisfaction is what drives us. If our clients fail to reach their goals, we fail too. We believe in partnerships based on professionalism, efficiency, and trust.

At ITEGRATION our main goal is to help enable and support every client in growing their core business, by doing what we do best – high quality and high performance implementations, system integration, and long term support.

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Why Magento?

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ITEGRATION partners with exceptional companies to focus together on understanding our clients' businesses and how technology can best meet their goals.

Magento 2 is the choice for ITEGRATION e-commerce projects. We have 9+ years of experience in Magento and over 50 Magento solutions delivered.


Digital Commerce

Custom Magento implementations and platform integration with ERP and CRM systems, all payment providers and 3rd Party services


iOS, Android, or Windows native application development and design through trusted partners

UI Design

Web, Native, or Responsive... Our UI design experts build the best solution for your market

Long Term Support

Dedicated Application and Infrastructure Support 24/7

Magento Live Europe

Lake Party 2018 recap

Why Magento?

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