Magento Imagine 2019 finally begun. Magento Imagine has started with a very special panel talk on Monday morning. You know when there are some great people, some good humor, funny moments but the outcome makes you think for a while.

So let me give you a high level picture about this talk and about the message.


Rob Long, PayPal


James Horne, Managing Director, Balance Internet
Matt Parkinson, Managing Director, Gene Commerce
Kevin Schneider, Director, Business Development, IWD Agency
Jenna Warren, VP of Special Projects, Creatuity

paypal magento update
Magento 2 currently at version 2.3.1 and this release has a lot of new features that has been introduced and makes this release kind of an important milestone for all of the Magento community. Let me mention a few of them like
  • Merchant tool enhancements
      • Improved order creation workflow in the Admin
      • Ability to upload PDP images without compression and downsizing
      • Inventory Management new version
        • In my personal opinion this is a big step forward because ElasticSearch can return a correct response from this version regarding inventory!  
  • Improved developer experience
  • Infrastructure improvements
      • Magento now supports Elasticsearch 6.x which is an other big step forward. ElasticSearch 6.5 and above has solid improvements what might you want to utilize as a Magento based retailer.
      • PayPal Express checkout and modernized checkout flow is in this release. The checkout with PayPal is improved and faster now. Also you have a new payment options like PayPal Venmo and PayPal Credit. (Magento PayPal Express Checkout)
      • Redis 5.0 support  
  • Bundled extension enhancements
    • Amazon Pay, multi currency support is added for EU and U.K. merchants
    • You can now cancel a shipment that has not yet been dispatched
The list above is not a complete list of all the amazing features and security fixes but it shows you a picture of how big this milestone is and where we are. OK, so what you would expect from a PayPal Magento panel talk? I would expect a bunch of talk about new business opportunities regarding payment methods, right? So… this wasn’t that talk at all. It was an awesome, kind of easy and funny talk about mainly user experience on mobile for e-commerce. Of course part of that PayPal payments have been mentioned and I’m glad to see PayPal put a lot of effort to improve payments specifically where signal coverage is weak. This is what allows customers to place orders and basically finish payment without internet connection. Payment goes to a queue behind the scenes and when the connection is back PayPal does the magic. You can check out PayPal payments here: Set up PayPal payment methods: The moderator of course had great questions and he gave a direction to the talk. Over all I am glad I had a chance to attend this talk.

Was PWA the message of the PayPal panel talk?

All of the speakers had different highlights which was great to listen to. What I would like to mention here is the panel as a whole has highlighted PWA (Progressive Web Application) technology that has so many benefits and it is a game changer on the front end side. Depending on architecture, middleware can be affected also but the bottom line is retailers and merchants needs to go ahead to PWA if they want to even stay on the market. This message is an important message and we understand it very well at ITEGRATION. I definitely will update you about the status of PWA and PWA Studio so be sure you stay tuned. I will be glad to share my experiences about how you can check and test your PWA Magento website.

magento progressive web application
Paypal & Itegration

PayPal understands the importance of PWA as a technology and they are supporting it 100%. Matt Parkinson has highlighted how important this technology is at those areas where the internet signal coverage is not so good, just as I mentioned above. He pointed out PWA helps also when your battery dies or all similar situations. Actually it was really funny but finally Matt and the moderator Rob made that clear that what “dies” is the battery. 🙂


After the panel talk I met with Matt from Gene who has a big part of the success of PayPal integration and adoption in Magento World.


Magento UX on Mobile

The panel also highlighted the fact the usage of mobile is growing and to get a better user experience on mobile the industry needs new and better technology. They have been referring to PWA again and again.

Personally I totally agree with this, no question there. Magento 2 has quite a few technologies behind the scenes to make UX better in general, specifically on mobile.

We put the bar high at ITEGRATION and work hard to get the best for all of our clients and this is what we like to see after a site analysis:

Importance of data

Another take away was the importance of data. How important is to be aware of this and start to collect data and extend it as you can collect more and more. Data, data, and data, this is your gold and the ticket for a smarter strategy and selling. The talk was on an abstract level a bit when they touched this but actually we all need to understand the importance of data at this time.>

We at ITEGRATION take it very seriously and work hard to find ways for our clients to collect valuable data as possible. This is a tricky topic because you can start to collect information almost immediately into your ”data warehouse” like traffic related information and so on.

In my experience to have a deeper understanding of a business and its current position on the market, its goals and directions what the business wants to achieve and go forward, that always helps. Helps to determine what kind of data should be collected and will feed your smart business the best.

If you are interested, please contact us. Our experts are happy to guide you, help you out and support your business.

Have a great day,

Zsolt Szalay