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Data Driven Design

The best marketers have always been those who just knew how to market. They were born to market. The huge amount of data driven by your online store does away with the need for these all-knowing marketing folk. Today e-commerce professionals let evidence drive online marketing strategy.

Magento Development

ITEGRATION’s specialty is delivering full end-to-end solutions in Magento for Retailers, e-commerce companies and Non Profit Organizations. Our technical expertise combined with our strong project management and governance ensure successful implementations.

Social Media

The most successful brands in 2018 will be those who are able to maximize reach and effectiveness on paid social media advertising.
With the incredible level of customization you can put into a Facebook ad, it’s a no-brainer for brands to continue using Facebook and other social media advertising.

Mobile First Approach

ITEGRATION offers a standard mobile solution in addition to a variety of bespoke options too. With complementing practices in CRM and Mobile we have m-commerce covered at every budget.

Graphic Design

In e-commerce, it is critical to not only grab the customer’s attention quickly but to give them enough accurate visual cues to convince them to shop and return again for more shopping in the future. The design is your decor, your salesperson and your branding.

Reliable Results

Magento is the choice for ITEGRATION e-commerce projects. We have 8 years of experience in Magento and over 50 Magento solutions delivered.