Our most valuable resource is our team and so investing in team building is something we take pride in. For this year’s big Summer Party, we chose beautiful Erlaufsee, in the Austrian Alps.  I’m fortunate to live and work here, in this holiday destination, so we decided as a company it would be great to have the entire company here for a few days. Families, girlfriends, boyfriends were invited too, so in the end we were 36 people with the smallest under 1 year and even a grandma

The location

Erlaufsee is a small lake at 800m sea level, around 2 hours drive from Vienna and 4 hours drive from Budapest. The lake has a crystal clear water, you can actually drink it. We have beach access, that’s where I set up a 40m2 party tent in case of rain and 3 fridges for the provisions.

Day 1 – Friday

August 20th is a national holiday in Hungary and was a Monday this year, a perfect long weekend for such an event. We gave the team Friday off too, so everyone started the 4-5 hour journey in the morning and most of the team was here around noon, early afternoon. We didn’t waste much time, opened some beers and started cooking. Day 1’s menu was Hungarian chicken goulash over the fire, presented by Mizu and American Burgers presented by Steve. We spent the rest of the day eating, chilling, talking, watching the clear, starry skies and enjoying the cold night air in the mountains, which was a welcome relief for the team coming from the 35 C Budapest Summer.

Day 2 – Saturday

For the 2nd day we booked an early lunch in an Austrian Hütte at 1200 m above sea level and hiked  to it. Some used the lift with the kids, but most of the team did the hike. Excellent local food with beautiful view over the surrounding mountains, although this was not the top of the hill, only half of it, so we agreed to do a bigger hike next day. For the journey down we took the 3 wheeled mountain carts, which is great fun. The two back wheels have separate breaks, so you can do nice drifts with them.

The afternoon was spent at the lake again, trying all the watersport equipment we had, like SUP (Stand Up Paddle), kayak and inflatable boat and, of course, the unicorn. Meanwhile another Hungarian Goulash was prepared by myself, this time from beef and an Austrian style Goulash by a good friend of mine, Peter, a professional cook. So we could compare the two. The evening was spent in a similar fashion as the day before.

Day 3 – Sunday

A good part of the team left early morning for a bigger, 15 km hike with 800+ meters of elevation. I showed them my favourite route with beautiful views, cows on small clearings, big ant hills and a small Hütte in a remote place where the beer is as cold as the small cellar can provide, having no electricity up there. Arriving at the top, we met the rest of the team and the families, who used the lift. After checking out the great view from 1650m, many walked down to the place we dined the previous day and some took the lift. We tried the burgers this time, they make tasty ones, Austrian style. Took the mountain carts again for some more fun and adrenaline.

The rest of the afternoon was spent on the beach again, the menu was steaks grilled by Peter. Excellent local meat from cows living in the mountains, running free all summer.