Imagine is Magento’s flagship annual conference, now in its 8th year, and this is the fifth year a team from ITEGRATION has been made the trip to Las Vegas for the festivities. At Imagine, the Magento community comes together to talk shop, meet old friends, trade gossip as well as learn about new products and soak up the official company news. Of course, there’s plenty of socializing and fun evenings put on by Magento and its sponsors in fabulous Las Vegas. This year, Imagine brought together over 3000 merchants, partners, developers and eCommerce experts from 50+ countries over 4 April days at the beautiful Wynn Las Vegas.

Master of Ceremonies Philip Jackson did an impressive job dovetailing the company’s growth and upward trajectory with his own personal story about self improvement and development. Mr. Jackson executed the traditional MC role with a refreshing blend of self deprecating humor and a natural professionalism: weaving in and out of company announcements, community awards and keynote talks with ease and on time.

Keynote speaker Jamie Foxx was 100% the funnyman and serious all around talent the movie, music and humor world has admired the last 30 years. The Academy and Grammy Award winner’s latest ‘role’ is eCommerce focused–selling affordable designer eyewear through his company Prive Reveaux and doing it with style, for the people and on the Magento platform too, of course. Magento CEO Mark Lavelle did his best to contain the uncontainable Mr. Foxx in a wide ranging interview touching on leadership, the importance of global networking and, of course, A/B testing.

Speaking of Mr. Lavelle, if you said nothing else of the man, he can REALLY keep a secret. A big secret too, such as the little nugget that Adobe was knee-deep in the process of BUYING his company (ok, Permira’s company but Mark is the CEO) only weeks following the darn conference’s end.

Magento Evangelist & ITEGRATION friend Ben Marks was his typical fun-loving but not too jet-lagged to ‘protect the core’ version we have come to know and love through the years and around the world. Here is hoping his compensation includes an annual renewal of the 52-page large book passport only the most frequent of the fliers require. 1.6 million airline miles in 8 years? That’s alot, folks. When Magento said their new Evangelist would be required to travel? They. were. not. messing.

ITEGRATION sponsored at Imagine again this year, our 3rd year doing so. As always, the good people behind the conference scenes were fabulous supporting us and the other system integrator’s to put our best foot forward showing off our companies to each other and for prospective new clients + current ones too. Coming over from Budapest, Hungary is a much, much longer journey than from Budapest, Georgia but always worth the time, expense and 9 time zones difference. As long as there is a Magento Imagine conference, you can expect ITEGRATION to be there and in front of a booth. And now that Marci finally bought some proper dress shoes and a collared shirt, we might bring him around much more often!