Last week I had the opportunity to attend Virtualization and DevOps Day (VDay 2018) Hungary’s largest conference dedicated exclusively to DevOps topics. The event was held at the ELTE campus, where 18 professionals gave various presentations. In the morning,  presentations were given in one hall, but that was expanded to three for the afternoon sessions so that everyone could find topics that were relevant for them. There were both English and Hungarian presentations as well. My humble estimate was that there were several hundred participants.

Following the opening speech, we could listen to the presentation of the CEO of Banzai Cloud, one of the gold level event sponsors, about their self-developed product they called the Operating System of containers and clouds.

Secondly, Microsoft entered the podium. For me it was a pleasant surprise that 90% of the presentation was about what Microsoft has been doing for the open source communities in the last five years and the remaining 10% was about the advantages of Azure.

Following a short coffee break, an Evosoft Test Engineer & a DevOps Engineer/Product Owner made a joint presentation about the benefits and importance of DevOps, Test Automation and their creeping integration toward one another.

The next speaker was the representative from Red Hat (recently purchased by IBM) who spoke about how the purchase will positively affect the operation of Red Hat in the near and long term future. Furthermore, he made an interesting presentation on Red Hat’s integration and automation processes.

After the lunch break the number of event halls was expanded from 1 to 3. The first presentation I attended was about shortcomings and difficulties of Docker, conducted by the CTO of Cheppers Zrt.

The next presentation was given by the founder of DevOps Academy, about the comparison of Docker Swarm and Kubernetes. Though it was never explicitly mentioned, the conclusion was that Kubernetes is more difficult to manage but way better from almost every aspects.

After another coffee break we went downstairs, where one of the DevOps Engineers from One Identity (former Balabit) spoke about why they were switching to Kubernetes.

And the last presentation was conducted by one of the Technical Project Managers of EPAM, who walked through a very worthy topic: how to make a technical decision. He gave ideas on which measures are worth conducting, what are those circumstances we need to take into account before we effectuate an extensive change. Keywords: Learning Curve, Usability, Performance, Stability, Testing, etc.

In summary, I had the chance to participate in an excellent event with a pleasant atmosphere, the campus of ELTE has been proven to be a perfect venue. The most important and commonly spoken buzzwords were Cloud, containers and Kubernetes. The reason why is that the trends of recent years have shown that those who want to develop a web application should take advantage of the benefits of these technologies.